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Stefani Summit

Mandery's attorney has invited me this afternoon to a summit meeting at the offices of his firm called, I think, Schwartz, Lipschutz, Moscowitz & Rosenberg. It is obvious that Mandery and his attorney, Shlomo Glickenstein, are worried about the havoc that I can wreak in connection with the impending release of his book (due out next week). I will attend the meeting, and pilfer as many cheese danishes as I can, but Mortimer Coleridge cannot be bought.

I should say further that I do not blame Mandery's people for their personality and choice of occupation. As everyone who knows me knows, I believe that choices in life are all predetermined. If his folk are calculating money-grubbers it is only because natural selection has dictated that they act this way. We still do not have to like them -- in the same way that nature has shaped the boa constrictor, but we still do not like it either.

A report from the pit later.