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(Some) Details on Resolution

As I mentioned, I visited the law firm of Schartzberg, Horowitz, Rosenbloom & Auschiwtz on Friday for a high-level meeting regarding the matter of Mandery. I will discuss the outcome in a moment, but let me say first of all that the alimentary offerings were paltry. One would expect such a firm to have fine cheese danish or croissant or a fancy Matzoh, but all they offered me was a glass of water. (I pilfered a candy from a bowl on the way out, but it was one those read and white rainbow mints, which are way too tart). It is hardly surprising that Mandery went cheap on his lawyer. Typical.

Anyway, we resolved the conflict and the terms of our agreement prevent me from discussing it in any detail. Mandery's book is scheduled to be published this week so he was anxious to resolve the matter and I was able to extract some substantial concessions. As part of the agreement, my blog will be publicized on his website and I will refrain from commenting any further on the creative development of his book. That is all I can say at this time. I do think the book has merit and encourage readers to buy it.

More on evolutionary biology matter and hot dogs to come.

1. If you are interested inגעפילטע פיש try going to 53rd and New Utrecht, take the D- train, since I know you can’t afford to take a cab.

2. In case you were curious about purchasing a dreyen, it usually costs 25 cents for one. I don’t mind stopping by Papaya Queer to give you one for free.

But first I must ask, Shin or Pe?

3. If you would like to see which way we face when we daven, I would like for you to come to one of our shuls. (for any Yid, reading this, I am NOT trying to proselyte him!!!!)

4. I am astonished by how ignorant goytehs are… You should know a Yehudi would not use a prayer mat. Son of Ishmael bar Avroham, use Salas.

I am going to make the assumption that taking theology courses were NOT part of the core requirements at Columbia University.

Anyhow a Gutte Voch!

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