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Latest Price Increase and Mandery Antics

This is a devastating day. I worked a 12-hour shift on Monday and returned after 6 hours sleep to work another 12-hour shift on Tuesday. To make matters worse, I learned when I arrived at work of the latest price increase from 95 cents to $1.25. Management says this is necessary to keep up with the price increase at Papaya King, Gray's Papaya and other competitors.

I don't understand the notion of a price INCREASE dictated by competition. A price cut by a competitor could create a price war, but an increase is only dictated by an increase in the costs of the factors of production. The cost of meat has not increased and the employees at Papaya Queen have certainly not seen an increase in wages.

I think the increase is a mistake. People fear change. A dollar is the perfect price. $1.25 means that people will have to deal with quarters. I personally avoid transactions where change is involved unless I need change for a parking meter.

I also had a meeting with an attorney yesterday and have decided upon advice of counsel not to comment further on Mandery's book or his outrageous posts. This matter will be resolved by our attorneys, a mode of resolution that Mandery should be familiar with given his heritage.