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The Sweetest Escape

People ask me all the time at work what I think about Gwen's solo career, and I always say the same thing: "It's got me feeling hella good, so I'm gonna keep on dancing." This has never seemed more relevant than this past week when the entire Gwen community is buzzing with the news of a new album release, The Sweet Escape, in early December, and a North American tour to follow in April of 2007. Love Angel Music Baby produced some great moments, including What You Waiting For?, a smart reflection on Gwen's inability -- an inability that has parallels in every other person -- to exercise complete control over her own life. In my opinion, some of the offerings from the album such as Hollaback Girl were more trivial and less introspective. As Gwen continues to pass through milestone phases in her life, including the birth or her new son, I am hopeful that The Sweet Escape will contain more retrospection and good beats. The video of Wind it Up, a parody of the Sound of Music is already available and offers cause of great optimism.