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Papaya Queen and the 2008 Presidential Campaign

It isn't too early to start thinking about the 2008 Presidential campaign, and at Papaya Queen the discussions are already underway. In 2004 we endorsed Joe Lieberman -- "Connecicut's Great Democrat." When he lost in the primary we endorsed Kerry. In 2000 we endorsed Bill Bradley before he lost to Al Gore in the primary, then endorsed Al Gore. Before that, Papaya Queen endorsed Paul Tsongas, Michael Dukakis, and George McGovern. Those we the old days, though, and the new management wants to back a winner. Part of the idea is to be able to post a sign that says "Papaya Queen picks a winner and packs a great weiner." They are thus discussing the idea of backing McCain on the idea that he might actually win. I think that this is part and parcel of the "anything-to-make-a-buck" mentality that is sweeping America. Getting behing a Presidential winner early is big business, but to me it's a matter of principle. The Papaya Queen hot dog is the purest, most unadulterated food known to man, and it should make no compromise when it comes to core principles. Hot dogs are for libertarians and our politics should be too. McCain could win, but so could Clinton or Bloomberg or Edwards. The person being overlooked in all of this is Jerry Brown. He has demonstrated his electability and the time is clearly right for a comeback. Brown has been into the store before and takes his dogs with both mustard and onions -- a delicious choice, and a choice free from government intervention.