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Gwen Stefani Dolls Have Got Some "Wicked" Style

Knowing of my long-standing and now somewhat public interest in all things Stefani, several of my colleagues at the Papaya Queen have asked me my opinion about the soon to be released, limited edition, Love Angel Music Baby fashion dolls. Just yesterday, Garcia and I were out at lunch and he asked me, "What do you think about the dolls?" (in Spanish, of course). Needless to say, I am a fan. I like Cool Gwen, Bananas Gwen, and am a particular fan of Tick-Tock Gwen with her blue pinafore dress. Barbie is an ancient icon that establishes a dangerous body ideal for young girls; the time is appropriate for a change.

I have only two misgiving about the release. The first is the unfortunate name of the distributor Huckleberry Toys, which unfortunately evokes the sad-sack and slightly bufoonish Huckleberry Hound of cartoon yesteryear. The more serious concern is with Ms. Stefani's increasing reliance on "wicked" as a complimentary adjective. For example, she said in connection with the release of the dolls, "The Harajuku Girls and I wore such wicked costumes we had to share them with the world again." She earlier used the term to describe the Harajuku girls in "What You Waiting For" where she proclaimed, "You Harajuku girls, damn you've got some wicked style." This image repeats on LAMB in "Harajuku Girls," where she says, "Harajuku Girls you got the wicked style." Girls is capitalized in the lyrics to the song "Harajuku Girls" but not in the lyrics to "What You Waiting For." This is a trifle. My greater concern is with the increasing reliance on the colloquial sense of wicked. It teaches poor grammar to American youth. I propose "distinctive" as a subtitute. This works quite well in each of the songs. For example, in "What You Waiting For," the verse would go:
You Harajuku Girls (capitalize for consistency)
Damn you got distinctive style
The new word preserves the meter and adds a nice consonance between "distinctive" and "style."
With this minor reservation, I offer the Huckleberry/Stefani dolls my complete endorsement.